Film Production Support Services in Toronto

We're masters in film and television production.

Servicing the film industry in Toronto Ontario since 2008. F+E continues to deliver quality equipment and professional service to Location Managers, Production Managers, and many other departments on film shoots.

From Tier A shows to TV Pilots and commercial productions, we have the resources and the experience to deliver solutions needed to get the job done.

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  • We're accommodating

    "There's been a unit move last minute and I need 250 cones on Sunday morning at Queen and University" We've been there done that, we'll get it done!

  • We're experienced

    With over 10 years experience in the industry, we're ready for any problem you throw at us.

  • We're well equipped

    We offer great, clean quality equipment and products at fair and transparent prices.

our services

Location Preparation

Film & Event has years of experience and our crew has “Bullet Proofed” hundreds of locations. We communicate effectively with Location Mangers and understand the needs and specific requirements on a film set - the traffic flow, the equipment placement - we're experts and we never rush!

Full Set Solutions

We know how to work with Location and Set Managers, but it doesn't end there! We also carry production equipment for different departments such as Hair & Makeup, Wardrobe, Art, Transport and Special Effects! We can be your full-service film set equipment provider!

We make it happen!

Our attitude is what sets us apart. We’re like machines programmed to get the job right for you.

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