About F & E

Why F&E?

We're not only a rental company, we are a company that offers solutions to our clients. If you have a film or video production coming up that is expected to turn challenging and require the right team to help you, congratulations because you have come to the right place! We have the tools, the attitude and the experience to help you get the job done in an easier and more efficient way.

If you are a location manager, production manager or anyone in the film industry, we speak your language. From Tier A shows to TV Pilots and commercial productions, we have the resources and the experience to deliver solutions needed to get the job done.

For Event Planners we offer solutions for all kinds of events such as live events, film festivals, corporate events, graduation parties, sport events, fashion and music shows, galas, and more! Let us customize a solution for you!


Why work with F&E?

We've got you covered

We open longer hours and more days per week than the competition. We’re also on stand-by 24/7.

We're big for our size

Contrary to smaller guys, we have the stock and infrastructure to supply a few large Tier A shows at a time.

No Bull&^%$!

Our prices are fair and transparent and you will get final invoices fast and keep the accounting department happy.

We sell expendables too

We sell expendables to film shoots and rent gel and ditty carts to commercial productions.

We're production pros

We offer comprehensive film rental equipment packages to production companies.

We go beyond rentals

We offer added value to our clients such as delivery, parking, over night and weekends pick ups and returns.