About Us

What is Filming Production Location Support Equipment?

There are numerous departments in the production of a movie or a video. Some of these departments include the camera department, the grip and lighting department, the art department, the special effect department, the hair and make up department, just to name a few.

The equipment that we rent is referred to as location support equipment and it is used in movie sets and event to assist the crews in the process of shooting a movie or video. Most of this equipment is booked by a location manager, assistant location manager, production manager or production coordinator.

Why should I rent from Film & Event?

We’re not only a rental company but we’re are a company that offers solutions to our client. I you have a production going on that is very challenging and require the right team to help you, we have the tools, the attitude and the experience to help you get the job done in a easier and more efficient way. We’ve been renting to commercial production companies, short format films, TV and movies since 2008.

Why renting from Film & Event instead of renting a cheaper package from my PA or LM?

Sure you can always rent some tables, chairs and tents from someone who has them in a storage facility, a shipping container or even from an other supplier company that has some location equipment but here is the value of paying the extra bit money and hire a company that know the location business like we do.

  • You’ll always receive quality, clean and well maintained equipment
    What happens when you need an extra couple of tents last minute because it’s raining on a Saturday or a Sunday evening? Is the person that you rent from going to have the stock of extra tents that you need last minute?
    We can always supply floor mats and corrugated cardboard last minute.
    What happens when there’s a unit move and you need to get 200 cones ASAP on a weekend? We know that It’s not fun dealing with an angry crew because you didn’t have enough equipment on set. At Film & Event, you will always have the confidence that you can depend on reliable service and a large inventory when needed.

Among other things, here are some other reasons why is best to rent from us:

  • We open longer hours and more days per week than the competition. We’re also on  stand-by 24/7.
  • Contrary to smaller guys, we have the stock and infrastructure to supply a few large Tier A shows at a time
  • You will get final invoices fast and keep the accounting department happy.
  • We sell expendables to film shoots and rent gel and ditty carts to commercial productions.
  • We offer parking for production vehicles.
  • We collect set garbage and recycling.
  • We offer over night secure camera and storage cages.
  • We offer comprehensive film rental equipment packages to production companies.
  • We do Professional House Prep Services.


Why is Location equipment vital to a film shoot?

Some examples of when our equipment is needed on set are: Our director’s chairs are needed for the director to sit comfortably and watch the monitor and the action. The producer, some actors, the director of photography also need watch the video monitor of every take and shots.

Film crews also need tents for what it’s called “video village”, preferably black tents-shelter with minimum sun light going through.

The hair and make up department need what we call in film Makeup Mirror stations. These are flying cases that contain a mirror and lights on either side, they are used, as you may have guessed, to do the hair and makeup preparations to the talent in the movie.

In the end, almost all movie and video departments use our rental equipment throughout a film shoot, here are more examples of how film crews can also use our equipment:

GRIPS AND ELECTRICS: Dollies, sand bags, black wrap, tapes, extension cords, power bars, laundry tubs, plywood sheets for rig scaffolding gel carts with used gels in them for lower prices.

WARDROBE DEPARTMENT: Coat racks and wardrobe steamers, change tents, iron and iron boards.

ART DEPARTMENT: Dollies, theatrical drape rental, red carpet runners, stanchion posts, portable disco balls, sound blankets, rakes, shovels, mops, brooms, dust pans, shop vacs, ladders, sandbags.

HAIR AND MAKEUP DEPARTMENT: Makeup mirror stations, director’s chairs, tables.

SPECIAL EFFECTS RENTALS: Hazers, E-Fans, leaf blowers, crash mats or stunt mats, green and blue screens.

ROAD CONTROL AND SAFETY: Safety vests, hard hats, flashlights, megaphones or bullhorns, first aid kits, fire extinguishers.

LOCATION MANAGERS: Floor mats, stair wrap, corrugated cardboard, tar paper, location prep and wrap, plywood sheets to protect lawns.

PRODUCTION MANAGERS: Client area couches in commercials, director’s chairs, ditty carts, expendables, mega phones or bullhorns.

TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT: Traffic cones, truck parking, work light rental, floor and pedestal fans, road signs (closed road, arrow sign, yield to upcoming traffic, stop/slow paddle, tarps, bolt cutters.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Laundry tubs, ratchet straps, tables, chairs, floor fans, heaters, air conditioning units, tents, ditty carts.

CRAFT AND CATERING: Coolers, tables and chairs, table cloths.

CAMERA DEPARTMENT: Video village black tents.

EXPENDABLES: Foam core, black wrap, dozens of different tapes, gels, compressed air cans, pledge, cleaning supplies. garbage bags, olfa knives.