COVID19 BUSINESS UPDATE, May 30th: To all our film production clients, we have been planning and preparing to acquire health and safety equipment that will be needed in film sets, both for sale and for rent. More details coming up.

COVID19 BUSINESS UPDATE, June 16th: Production companies, unions and other organizations are coming up with guidelines for a possible re-opening of the film industry in July.
If you are planning a shoot and you need to reserve some equipment from us or have any questions, please email us at

COVID19 BUSINESS UPDATE, June 30th: We will have staff back in our office and shop by July 1st. Clients will be able to pick up equipment as of July 1st. We will be posting more details about new services and protocols for pick ups and returns here in our website in the next few days.

For questions please email us at

COVID19 BUSINESS UPDATE, July 5th: We are receiving rental orders from our trusted clients but we are operating under limited hours and staff in the next few days until things start to pick up again. To place an order please email us.

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Film And Production
Equipment Rentals in Toronto

We are a specialty store that supply equipment to various departments for the Film and Video Industry. These departments include: Location department, Art Department, Hair and Makeup, Production, Set Design, Transport. We also sell all kinds of expendables.

Event & Live Show
Equipment Rentals

For Event Planners we offer solutions for all kinds of events such as: live events, film festivals, corporate events, graduation parties, sporting events, fashion and music shows, galas, Trade Shows to smaller events such as backyard parties, birthday parties, etc. we supply the odd equipment needed for a successful event.

Location Prep & Wrap

From a small bungalow in Etobicoke to mansions in Rosedale, we have done hundreds of house preps succesfuly saving production companies thousands of dollars in damages.

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We’re in good company

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  • Canada’s Worst Driver
  • Designated Survivor
  • Degrassi
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